While combing through past projects to post to this site, I came a cross a short creative brief I shared with my video producer who was working with me to create content for an alehouse that had recently opened in Downtown Santa Ana.

I’ve seen Hector’s work in the past and knew he was very well capable of creating a finished product, but I wanted him to have fun with this project and to feel completely comfortable working alongside me.

Early on, Hector stated that we didn’t want to let me down. I told him that I had seen plenty of his work and fully trusted him to knock this one out of the park (in hindsight, my comments might have actually put more pressure on him!).

Having worked with several creatives, I knew there were a few things I could do to help ease his worries:

  1. Provide examples of visuals expected to be seen in the final product without being too restrictive
  2. Keep the text to a minimum–from my experience, creatives very much dislike text-heavy briefs

Taking about 30-45 minutes out of my day, I assembled a quick six-page visual guide to help bootstrap my creative.

As important as each shot was for me to convey the image I wanted to Hector, I felt that the story of the establishment was even more valuable.

Native Son was more than just a place to grab a beer–it’s a place to be with friends (with both the staff and fellow brew-lovers).

When I handed off the visual to Hector, I was a little worried that he would feel that I was too overbearing, thus stifling his creativity.

On the contrary, he thanked me, asked a few follow-up questions, and completed the project (with zero reshoots) just a few days later.

Needless to say, the client was blown away and asked Hector back to shoot some additional video promos Instagram and Facebook!