Bandai America recently tapped me to (quickly) knock out a simple product page for their newest product line for the new animated Disney series.

This project isn’t necessarily a design piece, but more so opens the discussion of how to get a project done with so many design restrictions.

Probably the most challenging part about working with a property like Big Hero 6 is the design constraints being put forth by both Disney (the licensor) and Bandai (the licensee).

But when packaging has already been approved by the licensor, the trick to getting the design approved is to follow what’s already been approved, and find your own creative spin you can add to the puzzle.

Here’s a list of the visual assets provided for the initial mock-up:

  1. Background black and white set image
  2. Baymax (product) image
  3. Big Hero 6 logo

With just these three assets, it was “go time”! And with just four weeks to design, handle revs (by both the licensor and licensee), chop, build, debug, there was no time to waste.

The Big Picture: Clients love their product shown as big as possible!
The “About text” does a great job at filling the layout, but honestly, does anyone really read it?
When you don’t have all of the assets from the client but they need a mock-up ASAP 😉

Crazy huh? With just three assets, we were able to build a custom site in less than a month. Granted, this isn’t the best method for building a product site, but when you’re limited on time and assets, find a creative way to be creative!